• The AutoConf Website is Live! (June 2018)

Project Overview

Every day, people interact with complex software systems on their mobile devices and in the cloud. Experts develop this software, but they cannot account for all possible uses, so they make the software configurable. In particular, most of these parameters affect software's performance. These performance-related configuration parameters are growing exponentially. Unfortunately, so is the difficulty of setting them. Performance-related misconfigurations are a leading cause of system failures (e.g., web services crashing) and lag (e.g., delayed response to user requests). AutoConf studies methods that automatically set performance-related configuration parameters and eliminate these sources of failure in critical software infrastructure.

To better understand and manage performance-related configurations, AutoConf has four major research objectives. The first is studying existing configuration parameters to understand why and when they lead to failures. The second is designing a new interface where users set high-level goals (in terms of desired performance) instead of specific parameter values. The third is developing techniques that automatically and dynamically configure software to meet these goals. The final objective is constructing tools that ensure the interface's proper usage to produce the desired behavior.

AutoConf will change the way users deploy software. Instead of setting 100s of configuration parameters, they will state their goals. AutoConf will automatically adjust performance-related configurations to ensure the goals are met, resulting in faster and more robust software deployment. Additionally, the AutoConf project will create many research opportunities that will be used to broaden participation in computer science.
AutoConf Block Diagram


  • AutoConf Publications will be posted here as the project progresses.


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